Cake pops!

These babies not just look scrumptious, but they are actually very moist inside and flavorful. I cannot tell you the secret ingredient because I spent countless hours in the kitchen – perfecting the pop recipe. There are pops out there that looks excellent in exterior but are they any good inside?

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Faiz first birthday 2012

The final version, I decided to add cookie monster head instead of Dorothy-Elmo’s pet.

This is all edible except cake board. Hope you loved it Faiz!

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Kita Wedding Cake

This is a three tier wedding cake – all red velvet with cream cheese covered in choc ganache and fondant enrobed. Dragees embellishments with gumpaste flowers.

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Maddie cakes fresno

I bought a deal from for Maddie Cakes Cupcake Bakery, a $20 worth of stuff for $10, which got me 7 cupcakes without any fillings.

One dozen for $33.
One regular cupcake without filling is $2.75

I am a supporter of local small businesses and I love baked goods. The shop is located in Pavilion West, clean and quaint little shop with tables and chairs for dining. Not far, there is Creme de la Cake, another cake/cupcake/bakery? What gives, 2 similar stores within walking distance?

I am not impressed with the big size cupcakes, too big and not in proportion with the buttercream frosting! $2.75 for a cupcake in Fresno? Their choices are generic, banana, carrot, chocolate ganache, marble, pink champagne with filling which costs $4 (if I heard her correctly)! I was trying hard to like the cupcakes, but Maddie did not do it for me!

Price: no way, I am paying a cupcake at $2.75 if you supersize it! Size of cupcake makes the frosting look so insignificant!
Taste: Moist, flavorful but it has that artificial taste of a store cake mix to it, I am referring to the chocolate and marble. But the carrot was good but the small dollop of cream cheese frosting turned me off.
Location: Good, within reaching distance from where I work.
Experience at store: no free samples, display of cupcakes not impressive, price point threw me off! Cupcakes looked homemade! They used cheap cupcake liners, no cupcake inserts for easy transport. Not very friendly staff.
Presentation of package: cutting costs from their end, home made labels, no cupcake inserts!

2063 W Bullard, Fresno

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I bake in stress

It has been a hard 2 weeks, praying for a loved one in my family to get better, get stronger and standing by my loved one with great faith in god for he will make things better for my loved one. For now, i decide to vent thru my blog, take my restless mind off, do something that relaxes me, but I have so much to do on my backburner a company brochure and a high reunion booklet.

I will find time to make a 3d piece for my family member for his bravery, generosity and his selflessness in anything he does, that I have come to receive and I am proud to be your sister by marriage! So watch this space!

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Monkey love

This is my first time baking a gluten free cake from a box mix by Trader’s Joe. I was apprehensive to bake and eat it but my tween cousin sister cannot tolerate wheat flour in her diet. My hubby and kids loved it. I took a sniff and there was no flour smell to it. I took a bite and it was good, but still not my cup of tea. I can still and lucky to be able to eat normal stuff, thanks god, no diet restriction due to age or even allergies.

I rush thru the process stacking 3 layers of 6 inches round. I covered it with duff red fondant! The duff fondant was so soft and droopy, so I gave up and assembled the monkey cake and called it a unhappy night.



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Best and Worst of 2011

I love food. I love eating out. This year was an exciting year in terms of baking for me, managed to learn different techniques of using fondant, cake stacking and most of all, cake decorating. I had the opportunity to make some lovely pieces which I adore. You can find them in my past postings.

This year, Facebook has exposed me to many talented cake decorators in the country, Malaysia and Australia. People like Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen, she is a stay at home mom, avid baker with a generous nature, she believes to share her skills so people like me who learns from the web can benefit, she is very creative and helpful. God bless her heart!

I am still a sucker for desserts of all kinds. I fell in love with the Chantilly cake (spongy cake with light whipped heavenly cream sandwiched between seasonal fresh fruits)  from Whole Foods this year at my niece’s graduation party at Walnut Creek, I bought a chocolate version of it, it was good but heavy, the vanilla version tasted better.

Then there are cupcakes and cake pops, I still believe that Cupcakes Bakery – Herndon and Cedar location, Fresno, is the best! You can taste fresh ingredients used, I love their carrot cupcake! I have yet to try their pineapple upside down cupcake. I have quit Sugar Shack-Sommerville & Perrin, Fresno. One day, the artificial taste in the buttercream and the cake itself, hit me like a bus. I was floored. Maybe my taste buds had heightened after watching so much reality food shows, I learned how to eat with sight, smell and taste. Sugar Shack’s cupcakes stand out in terms of presentation and the heavenly looking swirl of buttercream on a huge cupcake in a brown liner. Attractive! Not for me, taste wise – I still shiver with the intense artificial sugary taste in the swirls and the cake itself, nothing I can sing about. Then there is the Frosted Cakery at Tower District, I went once, loved the salted caramel cupcake, but I could not bring myself to go back for more, because that gummy taste of a chocolate cupcake which I can’t seem to shake off.

My other sugar fix is Starbucks, cranberry bliss bar, it is a good thing they bring it around Christmas season only, I had so many – I am about to shiver. Too much of a sweet thing is never good.

I am also a huge fan of seafood, I pass by Ruth Chris every morning I go to work. Finally, I had my eleborate dinner there for Christmas, big disappointment, snooty waiter, my 3.5 male live Maine lobster was left cold when served and re-heated that it became tough. My whole entree was ruined. Will never dine at that place again, if you pay me too!

Then I went to buy some steamers clam from Save Mart for Christmas, $3.99 per pound. Lesson learned, never buy any seafood from Save Mart again, get them at Whole Foods and Costco! How can you sell smelly clams esp. when they smell so bad when you are shoving them in the bag for me! Crappy clams!

Cake pops! Everyone is making them, even Starbucks and every cupcake joint! Starbucks cake pops – not good! Some looked pretty, taste is not there.  Guess what I make good tasty cake pops, I learned from several sources and combined them, out comes the tasty cake pop!

2011 has been good, hoping for a safer, better and happier 2012 for everyone, I always believe, what comes around goes around, help a fellow neighbor or a passer-by, put a smile on someone’s face but never at another person’s expense. Pay if forward.

Happy New Year!

The above is my personal opinion from my personal experiences. Freedom to speak my mind because I paid for all my purchases.

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Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Ruth’s Chris, I had dinner at this fine dining establishment for my spouse’s Christmas company party. We had so much food and drinks flowing from 8 pm till 11.30 am. The appetizers, especially the crab cakes rocked! Generous lumps of crabs with no overpowering seasonings. I ordered a virgin pina colada, boy, I was off to a bad start. There was a strange after taste in that pina colada. Different places have different concoctions. It had something to do with the coconut in there. I ordered my entree – live lobster with roe & cleaned, cracked and served. I was waiting in anticipation. Kenny, one of our darling server, politely apologized, for the lobster for being male, it cracked me up!

I took my first bite at the claw meat, it was a little dry and tough, went in for the juicier part of the lobster, nice! I noticed a drastic temperature difference. My lobster was almost at room temperature. I spoke with the other head server which I will not put his name here, for 2 reasons, 1. If someone is not worthy of mention, don’t do it! 2. I don’t waste my time on bad servers with attitude!

He suggested to put it under the broiler for a few moments. I asked him won’t my protein go tough on me. His typical answer is oh no! Guess what it came back tough and chewy.

I had to send it back. The hostess came to apologize and removed the dish from the bill. She offered other suggestions but I was so looking to eat my lobster but my appetite was gone.

We then proceeded to desserts, i got to taste cheesecake, creme brulee, chocolate lava explosion and coffee. Again what is the deal with lukewarm coffee here! My husband loved the lava dessert and the creme brulee was good. The cheesecake is average.

Verdict: This is fine dining, a certain standard is expected for service, food quality and taste, food presentation and finally overall environment.

My personal experience of the place is 7/10, nice ambience and exciting!

Food quality and taste: 6/10 – blame it on the lobster debacle and pina colada strange after taste and I paid for it in the bathroom later in the night, must be the coco lopes in the pina colada.

Food presentation: average cos it is a steak house

Service: personally I was disturbed with what they did to the lobster, I think it sat on the counter till the other entrees were ready before they brought it out. Big mistake! Then reheating it, second big mistake! Any food and beverage individual should know understand that if someone ordered a market price live 3.5 pound of heavenly protein aka in this case my boy lobster, he deserves special attention and reheating seafood is a big no! Just get me another one done right!

Will I go back to this place? No. Reason for poor execution in food and that snooty head server of ours from my 2 encounters with him-during trips to the powder room, he should at least fake a smile at me, not just at my hubby’s boss!

Delightful when it arrived, cold to my lips, why or why!

Salty lobster tail and sure look rustic to me in terms of presentation!

Almost a hit, but no repeats!
Ruth’s Chris Fresno

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Scottish yorkie terrier dog cake

It took me 3 days to make this dog cake for my visiting niece from Malaysia, Amanda Tan, who turned 13 this year. When I first met her, she was warm and had a sparkle in her eyes. I spent 6 days with her, showing her how to assemble and decorate a ginger bread house and also  I made her my Baconator, where she is given kitchen duty to fry turkey bacon slices for breakfast. She is cool girl, with a kind heart and also, smart, solid in terms of manners and my hubby and I liked her alot. Thanks to Anne Heap from for her inspirations!

Amanda's Dog

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Baby shower cake for Megan

I made the toy chest out of RKT and the whole cake milk chocolate cake filled with layers of whipped semi-sweet chocolate ganache and crumb coated with chocolate ganache, finally covered with soft pink fondant.

Happy Motherhood, Megan!

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Dora the Explorer

I did a birthday cake for a little girl named Roslyn who turned two a few months ago, these are the pictures that Roslyn’s mommy, Tokunbo Yeager captured with her creative eye ( I love them. I thought I shared with you.

I made about 60 cupcakes with Dora theme toppers and smash cake for Roslyn. I added a special effect where the smash cake rotates, thanks to Mayen, from!/WayBeyondCakesByMayen.

The lovely cupcakes sat on a spiral metal tower display which was handmade by my friend, Derek.

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The Westersund Wedding Cake


Photo by Carli Morgan Photography

Photo by Carli Morgan Photography

The Westersund wedding cake is chocolate mud cake layered with ganache covered with buttercream, followed by champagne tinted fondant. The bottom tier is 14″ round 6″ height, middle tier is 10″ round 8″ height, lastly the top tier is 6″ round dummy tier with fondant decorations and rhinestones belt – for bride to keep.

Things I learned from this cake:-

1. Wedding cake pedestal – a must for wedding cakes! I bought on Ebay for $90, a 20 inches round aluminium. The pedestal gives the cake extra height and a majestic feel to it. It is a good investment.

2. The Mat by Sweet Wise – another tool I found very useful, for the first time my fondant covered middle tier looked immaculate. The Mat is food safe vinyl mat which is an excellent tool for rolling out fondant to cover cakes, if you are like, who keep wishing for fondant sheeter. The Mat costs $19 on

Everyone raves about how good Satin Ice-endorsed by celebrity cake bakers. I do not agree. I used it once long time ago, here is my old post.

I still hate using it. It has a indecisive texture to it. When I roll it out to cover my bottom tier, cracks appeared, luckily the bottom tier was designed with ruffles. I used Satin Ice to make roses, comparing to my normal 50 wilton 50 duff fondant combo, the petals on Satin Ice roses cracked easily. It still smells funny to me.

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Petal Crafts – Glendale, California

The talented Edna dela Cruz’s creation using the topsy turvy pans.

I buy most of my baking and cake decorating stuff online nowadays, because it is easier and I am trying to avoid going to my local bakery supply store in town because of their unprofessional customer service. My point in case, I will take my spending to somewhere else and pay a little more sometimes for shipping, but I can deal with that. Then I found Petal Crafts online during one of my blog reading sessions late nights.
Owner-Kaye H. is known for her sugar flowers and jewelry making talent! I bought several items from her to make high heels from fondant. It was like any other purchases. Then I liked her company on FACEBOOK. She does monthly giveaways for stuff that people like me –  would love to own but strapped with cash in this gloomy economy of ours. I was lucky to be the August 2011 winner and received a prize of $130 worth, it is the latest topsy turvy pans-6″ 8″ 10″ 12″. I was late to claim the prize due to Internet failure over labor day weekend. In addition to that, I was lucky that her fans on FB gave me another chance to claim the prize and today, I received my topsy turvy pans! There is more to this experience with Petal Crafts.

I was declared the August winner around 9/8 and gave all the necessary info for shipment. Almost 2 weeks – I did not receive my prize and so I emailed Kaye personally, she was sure she forwarded the necessary info to her warehouse staff. Then she found out she did not do so and she apologized.

5 Points in being a Great Person in anything you do!
1. Always be nice.
2. Always be nice without an agenda.
3. Sincerely own up to your mistakes.
4. If you are able to make someone’s day special, do something EXTRAORDINARY!
5. Be humble in all you do.

Kaye scored all 5 of these POINTS with me.
The part I appreciated the most, she apologized sincerely, she went an extra mile to make sure I got the pans asap! She incurred some shipping charges via Priority Overnight so I can get my prize!

So I endorse, for their great products and great customer service!

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Dora the Explorer cake

I enjoyed making this cake esp. when it is all worth seeing the birthday girl’s big smile. The 8″ cake sits on a turntable and rotates around. All pieces are edible except for the board.

It came with 48 sets of toppers for cupcakes.

To see more of the cake in action, go to here.

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Frosted Cakery at Tower District

This is not my favorite!

The top left one is da bomb, salted caramel.

I visited Frosted Cakery last weekend. It was at historic Tower District, it is a quaint little shop with ample parking on the side of the building. As you enter, you are greeted with cupcakes at the front counter and the back is the open kitchen where all the cake decorating work is done! I met the owner, whose father owned the former Jimmy’s Bakery in Clovis. It is a family run business, nice people!
The cupcakes came in a brown box with a clear top. Finally, someone is willing to spend the monies on packaging that makes the cupcakes shine! However, the customers will be paying the price of the nice packaging. They had canolies, French macarons (not the coconut macaroons where spelling mistake always occurs) and cake pops.

For my initial visit, I purchased 3 dozens of mixed variety and 6 of the gluten free/vegan. It came to $111.

Here is my likes/dislikes about this place:

1. Love the buttercream frosting, very fluffy airy, just right in terms of sweetness. Hands down winner for excellent buttercream frosting!
2. The cupcakes has different cupcake liners-but not very good quality liners like what Sugar Shack uses, sturdy brown and uniform across all types of cupcakes. I had a hard time holding my chocolate cupcake with fudge frosting (I think that is the flavor).
3. My first bite into the chocolate fudge frosting cupcake was not to my liking, the frosting has a waxy after taste and the cake itself is bland and gummy in texture, it was not my favorite.
4. Then I tried the popular salted caramel, the cake is fresh, soft like a sponge cake and love the frosting with caramel drizzle, it is to die for!
5. I do not see any visible pricing displayed like how other cupcakes places in town do. Letting your customer know the prices is a good thing!
6. They have gluten free and vegan which I love!
7. They not only sell cupcakes, they make cakes for all occasions!

I will try to go back as often as I can because of the other flavors I have not tried and also for the buttercream! I am a buttercream girl!

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Green Bay Packers helmet on a field cake


It is record time  (3 days) for me to complete this 21st birthday cake from a very good sister for her brother who turned 21 last week. The helmet is hand molded from RKT and wrapped in fondant. Flavor of cake: milk chocolate cake and ganache & fudge frosting. All edible except the front part of the helmet where I bent floral wires wrapped with fondant  to make the protective  face gear.

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Wilton Sugar Sheets-new

This year, Wilton has expanded the cake decorating tools line. Today, I tried their Sugar Sheets. I liked it, easy to handle. It costs $3.99 and can be found at Michaels Craft or Joann Fabrics. I made the Green Bay Packers logo from them. I did not need to freeze like the customizable frosting sheets. I just made sure my hands were dry when handling the sugar sheets. They come in tons of solid colors, patterns like zebra strips and also, cut-outs alphabets. It is nicely package, with a cardboard backing to prevent mishandling. Each item comes in one full sheet of eye popping colors, thickness is just right & manageable when I peeled it of from its backing. I would use it for simple cutouts, for example, logos. Overall, it is a good and smart product.

I used white (solid pure white), green and yellow sheets here.

XOXO – loving it!

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Samos Kitchen, Fresno

Spicy Seafood Tofu soup


I revisited Samos Kitchen for the second time since 2006. As I recalled, it has never changed in terms of the ambience and the layout of the restaurant. The owner and staff are very friendly and approachable. After watching Andrew Zimmern – from Bizzare Foods and Alton Brown’s recommendation of the dish Bibimbap, I was enticed to revisit Korean cuisine again. My first experience was not memorable.

I went last Saturday at around 1 pm. It was quiet. Service was fast. We ordered spicy BBQ chicken, Seafood soup (menu indicates it comes with seafood, pork, beef and tofu), Bibimbap, fried chicken wings, the bill came to $60 (with 2 sodas, one extra radish soup on the side). There were 3 adults.

The food was not bad. The dishes are overpriced and I felt shortchanged. My BEEF was that the Seafood soup should be renamed Tofu soup…I did not see a shred of seafood…where are the shrimps, squid, perhaps fish, NADA, NONE, ZERO! All I fished out was a few strands of beef and tons of tofu. I did indicate to our server not to put pork in our soup. The soup looked bubbling hot and appetizing, but it tasted bland, a hint of heat and that is it!

Now, I know Bibimbap is not my thing. It was dry – it was suggested by the owner that I mix it well, and hated the sweet red sauce it came with. I missed the beef, it was good but barely there.
We barely touched the fried chicken wings. Our server was young, nice, but not so informed about Korean cuisine.

Bibimbap (Korean pronunciation: [pibimbap][1]) is a signature Korean dish. The word literally means “mixed meal.” Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste). A raw or fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef) are common additions. The ingredients are stirred together thoroughly just before eating.[2] It can be served either cold or hot. – according to wikipedia.

I still like to explore Korean cuisine, but where? My experience at Samos, is based solely on my taste buds, my years of experience working in the hotel industry in Singapore and that I am a foodie…love love love food of all kinds.

Samos Kitchen
345 E Shaw Ave
Fresno, CA

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Edible Picture Cookie Frame

I made this 3D picture frame 13″ by 15″ fondant. The frame sits on a sugar cookie base, and propped up on a custom made wooden easel for display made by my friend – Derek Walker. The images are printed on edible frosting sheets, courtesy of

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Busy making goodies

In this week, I made one graduation cake for my friend, a gumball dispenser cake and a big cupcake for my spouse’s birthday.

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Hit the Jackpot, Danita!

Danita turned 50 and she loves the Munsters theme slot machine. All edible from top to bottom – except the board and the slot handle.

The gold chocolate coins add the dazzle to it.

I added a VEGAS like billboard to announce her birthday, airbrushed the slot machine in silver. Love my airbrush unit.

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Coors Light cooler

Cheers! All edible except the cake board.  The cooler is sitting on a wood like surface. ACDC is the birthday gal’s fave band and she loves her beer!

Inspired by Piece of Cake – Mark.

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Will & Kate 2011

Tomorrow morning at 3am (CA time), Will and Kate will marry.  I am happy, yet a little sad, as I do miss Will’s mom, Princess Diana. July 29, 1981 ~ I was 12. I stayed up to watch the wedding on a color television which I had to give thanks to my father for which he tried hard to provide us a life of comfort and adequacy. Diana was breathtaking on her wedding day, it was then a fairy tale wedding which ended in divorce. It was not a match made in heaven. When Princess Diana passed on, my heart stopped ~ what will we do now? There is no representation of the people, someone we the Commoners can relate to.

Then came Kate, I have not followed up on her, but she has maintained a very low profile of herself when Will and her were in courtship. I hope for them ~ peace, love and happiness! In the midst of all the tragedies that are happening in the world, Middle East unrest, Japan’s earthquake, our midwest tornado stricken states, and anywhere else where hunger, sadness and devastation exist, stand strong as life will prevail, I hope.

Will and Kate, you bring a glimmer of hope for us all as we watch you marry tomorrow. I miss your mum terribly.

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Victoria Rose Cottage, Clovis

I visited this establishment about 9 years ago for my good friend’s baby shower. I then decided to revisit the Victoria Rose Cottage in Clovis with my good friend but now with her 9 year old daughter alongwith my two cousins aged 9 and 13. It is advisable to make reservations because they tend to have gatherings for birthday parties to visiting tourists in busloads. We met for brunch on a Saturday. The ambience is cosy with an old English charm. The girls were all excited and so were we.

We were offered lemonade or ice tea. The menu had a good selection of ala carte to a set menu from light to heavy.  I ordered the Afternoon Tea, my good friend, Nancy, had the chicken & mushroom crepe with a creamy sauce. As for the three young ladies, they each had the Young Royal Tea.  My Afternoon Tea came with my choice of any tea, which I picked the Chocolate Mint, at first sip, I did not taste the mint – just the bitterness of chocolate (without sugar or milk in my tea) but then the cool minty feel hit you at the back of your tongue, MARVELOUS! I loved their warm fresh baked scone, which came with Devonshire Cream, Lemon Curd & Raspberry Preserves. I sampled all three. They were very good accompaninent to the wonderful fluffy soft scone. Then came my petite salad. It was more like a medium salad with a good mix of European style salad drizzled my a tangy vinaigrette dressing. My finger sandwiches and hot savories arrived in two plates, each item was different in taste and I fell in love with the warm Danish Havarti cheese finger sandwich. The cheese was creamy and not  overpowering. My Afternoon Tea came with a lovely dessert to wrap up my wonderful experience at the Victoria Rose. Fruit compote at the bottom  & piled on top is the creamiest custard ever!

Ratings: Full Love and Kisses

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Humanity needs us

Japan, I grew up looking East where I was standing. I never stop looking at you. I am praying for you. I longed to see your beautiful country still. I admire everything you stand for. You taught me not to stand alone as one but as a group, a community, a nation, and now the world willl stand by you. I urge everyone out there, help Japan.

They were always there to help others, we should reciprocate! I love you – Japan – you will survive and regain your place as you always have.

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SF signature milk chocolate fondue chips

I was at Target and found the above on sale for $6.98 from it’s original price of $9.99. I learned being a smart consumer, one should not discriminate any products. I bought a bag to try, to my surprise, it is smooth flowing liquid chocolate, no clumps, easy melting in my Wilton electric chocolate fondue set. I was enjoying dipping my cake pops in it. I cannot tell you my feeling of pure “chocolate” joy in my discovery! I have tried the following brands:

Sephra – dark and white – expensive but I like it in terms of easy to melt and texture. Taste good too.

Wilton – from candy melts to milk chocolate fondue chips – a struggle with the candy melts but fondue chips – average in easy to melt and texture…very sweet to my taste. Price wise: catch the Michaels and Joann Fabric Store 40 pct / 50 pct discount

Nestle Tollhouse semi-sweet morsels – cheapest – most difficult to melt and clumpy texture. My last resort.

Now with my new discovery of SF Signature brand and my lucky Shamrock find…I bagged 10 of them at my local Target store for $2.68 per bag. It was 70% off. Yeah!!! And they do not expire till Dec 2012! Oh Yeah!

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Sugar beer bottle

I bought a ready made beer bottle silicone mold from Last night, I used a pound of isomalt crystals to make this sugar beer bottle displayed below. I am experimenting before I venture ahead to make 8 of them for a beer cooler cake for my friend’s wife who is turning 30 in April.

The only thing I need to tweak is to rid of those bubbles in the bubbling hot isomalt liquid. Secondly, I am going to use ordinary granulated sugar for my 8 bottles because 1 pound of isomalt makes one bottle. That would cost me $48. Anyway, ordinary sugar would work to my advantage since it turns into amber color when in high temperature and therefore, I do not need to color the liquid like I did with clear isomalt. But I do need to make clear ice cube for the cooler. Wish me luck!

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Push UP cake

I came up with this name and suddenly I draw similarities to push-ups in exercise and then push up bras. Well, this item which I bought online, has the concept of push pops, but with this – the sky is the limit. You can fill it up with cake, frosting, mousse, panna cotta, jello and endless options. I call it the push UP cakes. It is not a cupcake! Clean – no mess and I simply love them!

Push UP Cake

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Betty Boop tea set cake

Erich’s grandmother, Margret turned 90 and I made this for her.  Due to an serious infection, she passed away 3 weeks after she turned 90. Margret – we missed you and rest in peace!

All edible

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Louis Vuitton Bag 2

This was a rush job for a surprise birthday party for my friend who turned 40 today. I was asked on Wednesday evening and started on Thursday night, baking, stacking and assembling. It is 12 inches wide, 10 inches high and 4 inches in depth. My precious assistant, CK helped last night – to a point when I was contemplating to lay it flat instead of vertical. Finally, both of us came out with the idea inserting cake board to even the distribution of weight, it was standing from 4 am till 9 am when I finished. LOL it survived the van ride too!

My only beef is I had to rush to source out a local edible paper printer for the LV bag print, because my regular online supplier could not get them to me in a day. I am grateful though to my local supplier, Nancy Babick of Creative Cakes and More for her help! I wanted to use potato paper because it is more studier than frosting sheets because of its vulnerability to tear and run on ink. Lesson learned here stock up on prints! I was not pleased with the frosting sheets, I hate them – I meant the material! I have cut and repaste over torn sections.

LV bag in classic print

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Despicable Me Minion

We safely transported the Minion cake to the birthday site. My guests loved it. I did not enjoy making it because it was a lot hassle in terms of structure wise. I nearly gave up but stepped away for a day and resumed with a clear mind. I made chocolate dipped strawberries and red velvet heart shaped whoopie pies. Boy, am I exhausted.

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Despicable Me Minion 3 D cake

I made the cakes, 5 days before the actual event, prepped them for stacking, filling, frosting and covered it with fondant. I have a Kitchen Aid pasta roller attachment – works well with sheets of 6 inches wide. I wished I had that fondant sheeter which costs an arm and leg. Beside that, I planned in my mind how to construct IT with pvc pipes and joiners. Well, in the end it did not happen that way, I nearly punched a hole in this MINION. My spouse held me back. I stayed away for 2 days. Last night, I finished it. Here is the MINION by itself.

Originally, it was meant to give the illusion that it is standing on its tippy toes for Swan Lake scene and wearing a ruffle tutu. In addition, I even bought the fabric to simulate the lake. So now, it is just gonna sit ON THE WATER declaring its love for my daughter.

Note: the grainy picture was taken with iPhone 4G or was it my shaky tired hands.

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I love Despicable Me

My 2 young children and I are addicted to this movie, starring the voice of Steve Carell & Miranda Cosgrove (whom I am familiar with). I decided to make my daughter’s 1st birthday cake a 3D minion. I don’t know how the big minion’s expression is yet. Here I made one miniature out of fondant.

Wish me luck!

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Alden’s 70th birthday cake

Al's cake

I made this cake for my friend’s brother, Alden, who hails from DC, retired from his career as VP for Home Builders Institute, he loves photography and also serves as a local judge for Miss America pageant. I incorporated all he has done in 70 years of his life in this cake, a cool celebration of 70 years!

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Chanel Bag

This was requested by my cousin’s daughter who graduates from University of SF, she loves Chanel bags. The cake is travelling back with her.

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Latest Creations Thanksgiving weekend

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Baby shower display

I got some pictures taken at the baby shower, the  monkey cake and the 48 cupcakes were a hit!

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This monkey is making a mess!

This is Mandy’s baby shower cake, she loves monkeys, she does not know the sex of baby and she is due Dec 20. This is my gift for her. I stacked 6 layers of chocolate mud cake with ganache frosting and covered with buttercream. Everything you see is edible except the head, it is a styrofoam ball covered with fondant. She calls her baby, BABY HILL.

I decided the theme that she will be receiving a gift box with a playful monkey peeking thru after making a mess of everything, packing materials ala mini marshmallows everywhere, the monkey had left bananas and peels all over! Thanks, CharmChang @ for the inspiration!

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Finally, presenting the wide mouth bass…

It is finally done. I enjoyed doing it esp. the airbrushing part. Let me know what you think.

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Who makes the best cupcakes?

I love cupcakes, I was jumping with joy when Cupcakes Bakery opened in my vicinity, Cedar N Herndon. I frequented this joint too often even for my babysitter’s sake, she had to surrender by admitting defeat….too much of a good thing, is really too much. Then comes, Sugar Shack – now this place is right next street to my home! Heaven X 2!

With glee, I visited both over and over again. Now I can do a taste comparison. Both places have no problems in consistency in taste and quality of products made.

Overall look of the cupcakes, in terms of cupcake liners used, appeal of the cupcake and the whole box presentation, hands down goes to Sugar Shack. The way the cupcake rises to a plump top is simply chic looking. The cupcake liners are good quality and “not cheap looking”-therefore this qualifies it as a gourmet looking cupcake, also the frosting is piped on professionally and has height to it. But mind you, gravity works against these high toppers, many a times, my beautiful frosting tops had kissed the ground. Overall presentation of cupcake: Sugar Shack

My favorite cupcake is the Carrot Cupcake at Sugar Shack.
I will still stand by my past review of this cupcake at Sugar Shack: Carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting with chopped walnuts. Now, this is to die for, carrot cupcake, moist, not overpowering in spices, not too sweet and I see shredded carrots! This is my favorite so far! Better than the ones at Cupcake Bakery and the Market (bakery) at Herndon and West. And the frosting is so fluffy and creamy – it melts in my mouth. Yummylicious!

My favorite cupcake at Cupcakes Bakery is the German Chocolate, I love coconut, it has the combination of salty and sweet – one bite was never enough, the cake is moist and the topping is divine!

Cupcakes Bakery store front wise is not very appealing, Sugar Shack spent some dough making it wide open and inviting. Though the part of the yogurt stations did not cross my mind. Right now the race is neck to neck. I want both places to succeed because we need sweet places like such for Fresno.

 At least – I can bring my International and Bay area relatives there, to show off my Fresno! Crave something sweet? Eat A Cupcake!

P/S Sugar Shack cupcakes is so pretty and I had to put it on my cupcake metal frame holder.

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A fishy cake-large mouth bass

I am donating a 3d cake to the local Chinese Association’s annual Thanksgiving gathering next weekend. I started sculpting the large mouth bass fish with Rice Krispies Treat (RKT-store bought). I want to share with you how easy it is to sculpt with RKT, with a warm pair of hands and spray some PAM on your hands and start sculpting away. Inspired by javaheaddesign at Tonight, I will hand paint the bass to give finer details.

Also, just cannot resist this, I went to a local grocery store called Winco and I was surprised and thrilled to see fresh honey directly from the bees, no kidding…they kept bees in the wooden hutch and you can buy the honey directly from the bees.

Another cool tool was freshly made peanut butter with no preservatives or sugar, you buy however much you want, just pull the nozzle, and out comes the creamy goodness. I did not buy any but manage to swipe some from the nozzle from a prior customer who bought some. It was coarser in texture, just like how you like the crunchy JIF ones.

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Introducing the unconventional Cupcake Towers!

Holds 24 standard size cupcakes

This vintage spiral holds 48 cupcakes-great for parties

Holds 12 standard size cupcakes

These structures are hand made by my partner in crime, Derek, for me. It is for sale or rent by day. Leave me a message, if you are interested below in the comments section. Pardon the pictures, I was so excited when I saw them – ideas are running thru my mind on how to display them. We customized any design you have in mind. I am thinking of an octopus with its arms serving mini size cupcakes. Derek, he is the bomb!

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Monkey shower cake

My friend, Mandy Hill, who is having her first child this December. She did not want to know the gender of the baby. So her mom, Diane, is throwing her shower with a monkey theme, I am making her the cake as my gift to her. It will be a square box cake with a big bow around it, with the head of this monkey popping out of the box, with his/her tail dangling in the back of the box. It will be a mud cake – of course, because it is too delicious to say no to!

Monkey see….monkey do.

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Geisha 3D torso cake

Geisha torso cake for Mariah

Ohayo, I am making the above for a little girl whom I know since 2003. Mariah celebrate her 16th birthday this weekend. I made three 12 inch rounds of mud cake and one 10 inch for the shoulders. This is bigger than Spiderman bust cake which I did last month. I had to empty my fridge – leaving the bins behind. I made all the flowers (peonies, my version of lotus flower, rose, calla lillies) from fondant for her headpiece, strung non-edible beads with small fondant flowers and hand made a ancient replica of Japanese antique hairpiece from fondant by Wilton.

I covered her torso with red Duff fondant and made leaf shaped indents to give texture to the fabric fondant. Then I painted the indentations with gold glaze. I enjoyed making this cake. Expanded my creativity and I am always looking for ways to make it better.

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I almost gave up!

I have one of these moments, where I just sighed so much, yammering by myself trying to finish this swimming pool cake for a friend of mine, Ike, who turns 90, an avid swimmer. Many things were not going as planned. I meant to bake a half sheet cake (11×15), but pulled out a quarter sheet cake (9×12). Then it dawned on me, when I double checked on the cake, it looked too small to be half sheet, so I had to whip up more cake to stack, iced, re-carve the pool, re-tile the pool….what a nightmare! Now I know why skilled workers charged so much to re-tile kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. I made 3 attempts to make tiles for the pool. All failed, finally, I have to cut each tile! I did not like how the sides of the cake look, meant to do waves, in 2 different tones. Then, ran out of buttercream frosting, biting my tongue here. Whipped more up in wee hours of the morning, while holding my baby girl, who decided not to go back to sleep and want to grab everything in reach, frosting was too runny.

What else can go wrong! This broke me into half, I could go loco now, scream and yell or bite my tongue again, and chuck it as an awful experience that will never repeats itself. I went home to pick up the cake during lunch hour, the cake was sitting at a awkward position, tipped over and slide downward. My heart stopped. I examined the cake, am grateful that I had to just repair the flag banner with a nose plier and wire cutter.

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Mike Tompkins-Internet sensation
This dude is talented musically and cute!

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Barbie doll cake

This is for my dearest friend’s daughter, Ani’s 9th birthday held at Cal Skate, Clovis. The kids loved it. I am happy.

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Sugar Shack revisited

Today I revisited Sugar Shack by Sommerville and Perrin. It was 3.33pm on a Saturday, the flavors she had today were different from the ones I had my first time. I picked 3 new flavors in mini size.

Chocolate cupcake with Snickers frosting
I love the FROSTING, it is light and fluffy and not too sweet, but I am missing the moistness in the chocolate cupcake.

Chocolate cupcake with Reese Peanut Butter chunks frosting
I love the FROSTING – it is light and fluffy and not too sweet, this is the same chocolate cake base used as the Snickers ones, still missing moistness.

Carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting with chopped walnuts
Now, this is to die for, carrot cupcake, moist, not overpowering in spices, not too sweet and I see shredded carrots! This is my favorite so far! Better than the ones at Cupcake Bakery and the Market (bakery) at Herndon and West. And the frosting is so fluffy and creamy – it melts in my mouth. Yummylicious!

My next visit is to try their gourmet cupcakes, the difference is, the filling inside – mousse!

I do like to say that the owner or lady behind the counter is very nice, and that she is not a tight-wad. I bought 3 mini cupcakes to try, she ran out of small boxes or even paper bags, normally, in the past – I have come across bakery owners not willing to part with their precious boxes, they would just hand me the goodies with loose wax papers (just like the ones used with donuts). I felt bad to waste her big nice box, but she reassured me “no problem”. Now this is what I call customer service and thinking out of THE BOX, get the joke?

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People molds

I was shaping my gumpaste figurines by hand by ever since I started cake decorating. Tired of working over and over on figurines, I decided to go for the molds. I found this at Creative Cakes, Fresno. Boy, Nancy (store owner) has everything you can think of!

It is made by PME Sugarcraft, UK. Strong hard plastic. 3 dimension figurines. I will try them this weekend to replace this male figurine I made free-form.

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Fondx rolled fondant-virgin white review

I bought a 2 lbs tub from Creative Cakes, Fresno. Price $16.40

I have difficulties working with this product, taste good – like marshmallow. However, you need to mix it with alot of gumpaste which defeat the purpose. It is too soft, softer than Duff buttercream fondant. I would not buy it again.

I made this male figurine to be put in a swimming pool cake, the only problem I have is when the skin of fondant dries – it wrinkles. Well, this dude is celebrating his 70th, so I guess a few wrinkles on the legs would not harm!

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