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Close up on da cake

Aromatic cocoa used in the silky shiny ganache
Aromatic cocoa used in the silky shiny ganache


Today we attended the wedding of the above couple at San Luis Obispo (SLO). There was alot of driving. First to the hotel, luckily Embassy Suites on Madonna Rd, SLO, was able to accommodate our request for an early check in. All the rooms are suites. That means it has a separate living room with sofa chair and love seat. A large desk with 3 comfy chairs, LG flat screen tv, spacious indeed. Then the bathroom is located in between the living room and the bedroom. We had a large King bedroom so that my boy is sandwiched between his parents as he tends to roll around alot. It has a tv inside and a nice vanity dresser. I will take some pics of the lobby tomorrow to let you see how gorgeous this place in the interior.

The story continues…
We rushed off to the St Joseph Church in Nipomo, farming community. Somehow,the ignorant me removed all route preferences from the navigation system in my minivan. It took us thru a longer route and windy, luckily my boy fell asleep. I was feeling woozy. Luckily, the mistake was discovered by my husband and as usual he took care of the problem. Wedding ceremony was very personable and the Catholic priest was very funny. We left for the hotel, rest alittle and off to the reception at an Airforce base, huge compound, the reason I said that is because when we left prematurely because of my boy threw up all over his dad’s clothes.  We were driving  via nav assistance and wondered around in pitch darkness for 20 minutes before we could find the exit. No signs or any form of visible assistance. Whew, it scared me and my boy! Anyway, congrats to bride and groom! Love Out Loud!

Bride n Groom leaving the church


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