Generosity from a fellow shopper

December 19, 2008 at 11:11 pm Leave a comment

Today at lunch, I had to run to Gottschalks by Riverpark to buy a pair of work shoes, to replace my beaten pair of sandals (yes, sandals in winter time). It is an Easy Spirit ankle boot – light weight and in black. The cashier rung up $75.57 (I thought during such hard times, do I need to wear a $75.57 pair of shoes).  The cashier swooped in with an offer to get 15% off for applying their credit card, I resisted. I was surprised when a very nice lady (stranger & shopper) offered her 20% coupon from Sunday’s newspapers, first I hesitated, then she insisted. I was touched that a stranger was nice enough to share her good fortune. It felt nice. I thanked her profusely and left the store saving $15. I have learned that sometimes generosity and kindness at any time, be it opening a door or sharing a coupon with a fellow stranger…is commendable, the deed need not be big to garner attention. This special lady made my day, in turn, I will do something nice given the opportunity this weekend to “Pay it Forward.”


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