Chaffee Zoo

April 26, 2009 at 9:17 am Leave a comment

Today, the Zoo was calling. We were turned away last Sunday due to no parking spots available within the Zoo compound.  I was adamant to show my son (almost 2), the Chaffee Zoo! I packed egg salad sandwiches and Jalapeno chips and loaded the boy up in his stroller and met up with our friends, the Khans. It was 11 am and the day was simply cool and beautiful. 

 I wanted to see the front of the elephants this time. Just my luck (like 5 years ago) they still refused!










Silly me, is this a tortoise or turtle?  Amazing animal! Around 85 years old and boy, he still has all his teeth! No dentures needed here!














The staff at the Chaffee zoo was courteous and made my day! Check out their Snack Bar, we had ICEE, root beer float, popcorn and soft serve ice-cream! The gal at the Snack Bar told me that there will be no straw or lid available for the sodas to protect the animals.   I was glad to oblige.

To summarize, I had a wonderful time with my family and friends. I love my Chaffee Zoo! Hopefully, my son will bring his family to the Chaffee Zoo. P/S….I miss the hippos! I enjoyed the feeding time with the hippos. They both loved watermelons! Rest in peace.mosaic7542747


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