Wilton Brownie Pop Silicone Mold vs Cake Pops

June 11, 2009 at 8:35 am Leave a comment

I just made a batch of brownie pops from Wilton Silicone Mold. The reason I was so keen on trying this new gadget is because I was exhausted everytime I finish making the cake pops (thanks, Bakerella) from scratch. The cute cake pops are time consuming and hard labor involved. With this new Wilton mold, I eliminated the process of blending the cake into tiny crumbs and mashing it with frosting, followed by chilling and shaping it. Whew…


All I have to do with this Wilton Brownie Silicone Mold is make a brownie batter, fill into the cavaties, 2/3 full. My brownies were cracking on top and buldging. 10 minutes before the brownies pops are done, I remove them from the HOT oven, and using a clean paper towel, I press in the BULDGING top…therefore forcing all the yummy cake down and compressed. Don’t forget to put the brownies pops in the oven to finish baking. I also noted that the fudgier the brownies – the harder it will take shape and to be removed from the mold. I wanted to make a cake brownie but ran out of butter, so I used the Betty Crocker Fudgy Brownie Mix, and made sure I use a brush to coat each cavaties with Wilton Bake Release. And these babies pop right out EASILY!!! I only have one mold so I did not wait till the current batch get cooled completely, but they held their shapes.



Dipping them into chocolate were easy, I did not have to worry that my brownie pop will slide into the warm melted chocolate. As with cake pops, due to its frosting blended in, the pops would need to be frozen to sustain lengthy time outside the freezer. Well, imagine making cake pops in summer time in the Valley.

My verdict:

Wilton Brownie Pop Silicone Mold saves time in shaping and making the pops. The batter for this mold needs to be cake like. I will update on the taste. I am using my work colleagues as my focus group…my guinea pigs.







 Personally, I love fudgier brownies, just how cake pops are. It would only change in terms of texture, but if it saves time and labor, and the taste  is comparable to a cake pop. Yeah for Wilton!



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