Pay it Forward

March 5, 2010 at 7:53 am Leave a comment

Last week, I went to get my neighborhood Starbucks drive thru fix for a cup of White Chocolate Mocha with 3 pumps of syrup. I had George Michael’s song, Everything She Wants, blasting and I was in my zone. As I await my turn, the car in front of me was taking some time to get moving. At that moment, I can either grunt and squirm about it or just chill and enjoy the time I have in my zone! The latter felt great as I was in no hurry to go anywhere but to look forward to sipping my freshly brewed concoction. Moments passed, I drove up, the barista as always cordial and apologized for the wait. I said no big deal. As I handed my cash over, she said that the lady in front of me, paid for my drink and wanted me to have a wonderful day today. My jaw dropped and in awe. Such kindness and generosity still  exists in this society. I wanted to thank her but she was gone. So I am going to do the same, the next time I am at Starbucks! Pay it forward…do a good deed for another fellow stranger. It made me feel special and nice the whole day that someone who I do not know wants me to have a wonderful day. I suggest you try it too and let me know what you did.


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