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I am on a cooking/baking marathon past 2 days. I am on maternity leave so I have been craving for steamed taro cake topped with crunchy fried shallots and dried shrimps (very aromatic & gives the taro cake – a big difference in texture and aroma). My mom and I whipped up the taro cake and also made the Baked BBQ Chicken Buns from scratch. To those who are very familiar with these traditional favorites, here are some tips my mom shared with me when making steamed taro cake.

1. Buy fresh taro, look out for dents and depressions
2. Cut the taro into cube form, in 2 sizes ie. one smaller than the other, reason being, the larger cubes sink onto bottom of pan and you know what happens to the smaller cubes, oh yes, they float! That gives you an even distribution of taro when you bite into it.
4. Stir fry the taro with oil and the necessary seasonings.
3. Make your batter – 2 parts of water, one part of rice flour. Cook over the hot stove while constantly stirring. As the water flour mixture warms up, add the cubed taro and stir till it comes to a slow boil. Pour into baking pan. This will ensure the taro cake – gets cooked evenly over a stove water bath ie. fill a wok with water and steam it.

Steamed Taro Cake

Steamed taro cake
Topped with crunchy fried shallots and shrimps!

My plate of taro cake drenched with hoi sin concoction & chili sauce
Drenched in sweet Hoisin & chili sauce, yummy!

Baked BBQ Chicken Buns

Bursting with yumminess
The buns exploded at the seams.

My Bun!

Normally, these buns come in pork, but my mother tweaked it and used chicken, to my surprise, the filling was moist  and well, tasted like chicken.  The buns were bursting out of the seams due to me overstuffing them with goodness!

Drop me a line if you want to try the recipe!


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