I love Coach!

March 9, 2010 at 12:45 pm Leave a comment

I love Coach handbags. I personally own the following:

Coach Ergo-black

Coach Bleeker-khaki with black trim

Coach Bleeker-khaki with plum trim: Gave to my mom to enjoy!

I used to fancy Dooney & Bourke, however, I switched to Coach because of their ever-changing designs to suit the consumers’ taste, be it a young teenager to a successful independent working woman/mother. Personally, I love totes especially X-Large ones since I am a mother of 2. I need a bag or tote large enough to haul necessities, snacks for the kids, my camera and whatever I can think of, it is in there. Sometimes, I wonder why do women travel with a bag in their hands, and not the men. Are they that smarter than us? Travel light? Well, I began to notice that, my husband will ask me for stuff from my tote most of the time. Like the camera, hand sanitizing wipes, OTC meds for headaches…our son’s snacks to his leftover MacDonald’s hashbrowns! The only thing he kept in his wallet that I have use for are his credit cards, cash, medical insurance proof and good golly, he has first aid bandages for me! How sweet! I tend to have blisters on my fingers from my reaction to the dishwashing liquid.

Back to my Coach story, I am obsessed with Coach but I don’t go crazy buying them. I buy out of practicality and also, on special occasions, like my birthday or Christmas. I normally buy out of season ones from the Coach outlet, the nearest one from my home is Gilroy, CA or sometimes, I buy online thru Ebay, good deals! I am hoping to get either one of these for my upcoming birthday!

Coach Tattersall Grafitti


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