Wassabi off the hook-Fresno, CA

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Lunch appointment yesterday at Wassabi-off the hook at Fig Garden Village Shopping area. It was formerly occupied by Pangea which folded soon after. The place is nicely decorated, with huge open patio and 2 separate dining areas, with a full liquor bar and sushi bar. My friends and I had the lunch special “bento box” for $10 per person.  You can have a choice of soda or draft beer. The bento lunch comes with soup, your choice of 2 entrees, I picked salmon teriyaki and chicken katsu (chicken coated with panko and deep fried and drizzled with teriyaki sauce), rice and side salad. You can choose from 8-10 types of entree, ranging from ahi tuna, sashimi, tempura, chicken or beef teriyaki, gyoza (japanese pan fried dumplings) and etc. The food was good and in good portion. There are big LCD screens at every corner of the restaurant, typical casual Japanese dining. I find it very distracting when your eyes tend to wander away while hanging out with friends or family.

I am always fascinated with Japanese culture and cuisine. I once tried natto in Singapore. It was preserved ground bean paste mixed with octopus marinade, therefore making it gooey and gummy looking. Or maybe my friend, Naoki, was just pulling my leg then when he described the dish to me! It is an acquired taste. I took a bite and never looked back. He inhaled the natto with hot steam rice. It did not disgust me, because I, myself is a sucker for durian, King of Fruits. For me, it is heavenly but for my other counterparts, they confess that it STINK! Some say, it smell like real bad cheese to soiled socks. If you ever travel to Malaysia or South East Asia, a must try, the DURIAN, how bad can it be…you can definitely spit it out if you find it offensive to your senses. At least you can brag that I tried the KING OF FRUITS!

The durians only drop to the ground when no humans are around.

Yummy rich flesh-packed with a punch

Bento lunch


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