What’s new, cupcake?

March 26, 2010 at 7:13 pm Leave a comment

I just purchased this new book called What’s new, Cupcake? by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.  As I flipped thru’ this colorful book, overall it is a good book. 
The Good:  There are some great ideas which impressed me like the turkey cupcake,  Easter egg cupcake, Fried Rice cupcake, foot long sandwich cupcake and the pretty flower cupcake made of marshmallow. 
The Bad: I wanted more pictures in terms of the making process. The instructions were lengthy and I got lost while reading them, I had to read over again. A cookbook needs to be fun and simple-not taxing my brain. Did not like the animals cupcakes, messy looking and no real structure form to them….looks like slabs of frosting molded to look like something. 

I did not really like the first book, Hello Cupcake! But this I like! 

I am going to try making the Egg Cupcake which can be served on Easter dinner or April Fool’s Day! I have to run to Walgreens to get myself, some plastic eggs and egg cartons (those that stored marshmallow eggs).

Next project: A carton of eggs cupcakes I tried the day before April Fool’s Day to make the chocolate egg shell, out of 12 I shattered, only one came out uncracked. It is very time consuming and messy. Do not make this in summer time or when you have the heater in the home running. What am I gonna do with one perfect “half shell chocolate egg” and the rest in pieces. Not much – except going into someone’s tummy. P/S Getting the shells out needs extreme caution, most of mine cracked under pressure!


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