Panera Bread, Fresno

April 13, 2010 at 5:56 pm Leave a comment

I visited Panera Bread this morning, grabbed myself a jalapeno cheddar bagel sandwich with vermont cheddar cheese, an egg and sliced of turkey meat, then grilled with a panini press. Normally, I am not a fan of bagel sandwiches, especially the ones that Uncle Harry’s Bagelry serve, too much moisture and cheesy. By the time, you bring it home or work, it is soggy because they warm it up via microwave oven. To my amazement, Panera Bread’s bagel sandwich of crunchy outside, and soft inside, gooey with cheese and savory with the turkey meat. So smooth as I bite into this piece of yummy concoction. It costs $4.24 with tax.

Panera Bread is located at  Riverpark shopping area (in the same lot as Borders and Starbucks), the place is clean, spacious, a lot indoor and outdoor seatings and their bagels are sliced with a nifty machine for you. 13 bagels with 2 tubs of spread for 12.99 (not inclusive of tax yet), this is a clean service where the bagels are sliced upon request so that one is not stuck with a whole bagel and struggles immensely trying to saw these babies apart with plastic knife at work.

I was also seduced by the Baked Egg Souffle (savory ingredients like spinach & artichoke baked in a sweet French pastry)  and the Cobblestone (dried fruits streusel pastry).

Food Rating: 9/10
Place Rating: 9/10
Price Rating: Price matches the location


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