Granville 2010 Family Reunion

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Granville Homes is a local reputable home builder in Fresno County. They held their 2010 Family Reunion to bring together current homeowners by invitation only for a day of fun, food and to rebuild customer loyalty. This form of PR promotion has been a long standing tradition of theirs to bring awareness to local issues like conservation of water and electricity, to raising funds for one of their homeowner’s daughter, Bethanny who was involved in a motorbike accident (for her medical and dental expenses). Everyone was encouraged to donate $20 and Granville Homes will match whatever is collected 100%. At the end of the day, they collected over $1,000.00 from the attending homeowners. 

My aunt owns a Granville home. I vividly remember when we first moved in. We were the 2nd to move in for the block. As more neighbors moved in, we got to know them very well. Initially, we had fourth of July block parties, they were well-planned, the kids had fun, huge fireworks displayed, BBQ pits were brought out on the front porches, the kids decorated their bikes with patriotic stuff, plenty of food to go around and most of all, it felt like a HUGE family gathering. When one of our main contributor to organizing this annual fete, Lisa and Steven Armas, they moved away to a bigger home for their growing family, the fourth of July party went away too. All we have left now, is the garage sale for the block. Always well managed by Jane Quebe. Most participating homes, would display their wares early morning at 6am, some sell donuts and coffee, we baked fresh cupcakes and bottle water. It was a hit! 

As I moved to my own home, my neighborhood is nice, quiet and my neighbors kept to themselves mostly. We waved on passing and nothing more. Felt empty at times, maybe my street has too many houses compared to my aunt’s which is more manageable in that sense. I wish traditions like what Granville is doing, will be prolonged with for our kids’ sakes; somewhere they can find out, how their homes came about, and also to be aware of its community involvements. 

At the day of the reunion, Granville Homes spared no expense.  They had games set for kids and adults, volleyball, basketball, sumo wrestling (pretend), huge bounce houses and good music aloud. They served good BBQ, burgers (huge size), big hot dogs, condiments, chips (variety), lemonade, water bottles, cakes  by Caroline’s Creations and not your ready made cotton candy. They gave out t-shirts to commemorate the occasion. Might I say, they are good quality shirts made by Hanes, durable to wear while gardening in your front yard or simply wearing them to grocery shopping to display your great pride of  being a Granville homeowner which I have constantly observed. That is one smart branding technique. Keeping your customers happy! 

We truly had a good time! They even went off the electricity grid (conserve energy for the day)  in terms of shutting down usage of appliances for their model homes and the whole outdoor activities ran on GREEN generators and batteries.Thank you, Granville Homes, Mr. Darius Assemi. 





My boy learning to read or looking for directions to home. 

If you are looking for a new home, check them out. They are nice, great follow up, keeps in contact with you even after they moved on to new tracts of home. 

Rating: 9/10


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