Happy Birthday, George M.

April 27, 2010 at 5:15 pm Leave a comment

I am baking a cake which has cream cheese, chocolate, strawberry in it. I started last night, I made the 2 layer cream cheese sponge cake. With cream cheese, one relates to it – dense, rich and filling. I concocted this combination, with the help of several components and built – hopefully a yummy cake for my family friend – George. Afer work, I will start stacking and layering, make my chocolate fudge frosting! Catch u later.

Update: Due to time constraints and juggling of 2 kids at home, even with help from my parents, I am proud of this cake, just learned to make do with what I had. I was short on 4 oz of unsweetened baking chocolate, decided to add cocoa powder into sifted confection/icing sugar. It worked. Instead of using vanilla essence, I replaced with peppermint in the chocolate fudge frosting. It was heavenly…mixing chocolate with peppermint. It is not a good looking cake as I was short on time.

Cream cheese sponge cake layered with chocolate mousse & mixed berries puree and covered with peppermint chocolate fudge buttercream frosting


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Ultimate Combo Louie Happy Mama’s Day

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