Update on Mother’s Day stuff

May 7, 2010 at 4:00 pm Leave a comment

I ventured out to make a special dessert for my female co-workers, came up with chocolate shell topped with a light fluffy lemon mousse with scattered peppermint candy crunch. Garnished with blackberries and a piece of chocolate piece. Got a lot of compliments on it.

Here is the recipe for the lemon mousse. I used store bought lemon curd from Trader Joe’s. Don’t waste your time making your own curd.

1 jar or 11 oz of store bought lemon curd
4 tablespoons of lemon juice
2 cups or 1 pint of heavy whipping cream
some sifted powder sugar

In your electric mixer, beat the lemon curd and lemon juice till fluffy.  Scrape the bottom of mixer bowl to ensure, nothing is left behind, unbeaten.  You can add powder sugar at this point, if you have tasted the mixture to be too tart for your taste. I emphasize on sifted powder sugar because to avoid lumps in the mousse. Leave the mixer on low setting,  gently pour in the heavy whipping cream. Turn up the setting to beat the mixture to its peak. Again, make sure you scrape the bottom of the mixer in between. Chill in the fridge for half hour.

I left the lemon mousse sitting on the kitchen counter while trying to set the shells up for the filling process. You don’t need any piping bags or ziplock bags. Just spoon it on to the shells.

The picture I took of the dessert was not impressive, but taste wise was GREAT, light, fluffy, sweet and tart, on a chocolate shell – what can u say?

chocolate shell filled with lemon mousse

Also, I delivered 10 orders of strawberries dipped with chocolate for Mother’s day. I failed to take some good pictures due to time constraints. Got 2 pics.

Metal container with view of contents from Michaels Store $3.99

 I tied this with a nice ribbon bow much later.

A quick snap of the office fridge.

Everyone who placed orders with me, thank you, it was nice making these for you, esp. for Mother’s Day. I hope you enjoy them.


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