Strawberry mousse cake

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Strawberry mousse cake layered with the fluffiest sponge cake


 This recipe I stumbled upon while I was reading through blogs, a very interesting busy young lady who lives in Ottawa, Canada, named Zahra. She has nailed down the many steps (and listing her missteps) making this gorgeous luscious mousse cake. First, you make the airy sponge cake, make the mousse which also can be used as part of the top coat gele, and the assembly part.  

I made sure I watched the baking of the sponge cake part. I baked it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and set for 30 minutes, and it was done in 22 minutes. You have to cautious in baking this cake. As long as the tooth pick comes out clean – it is done.This is Zahra’s explanation on baking experience with her wonderful cake:

Begin of quote:
Sponge Cake recipe
4 Eggs
⅔ cup Caster sugar
⅓ cup Cornstarch
⅓ cup Plain flour
⅓ cup Self-raising flour

Have eggs at room temperature. Beat whole eggs with electric mixer until thick and creamy (this is THE MOST important part….beat them like there is no tomorrow! This is when the love for Kitchen aid mixers comes in); beating time on a moderately high speed should be about 7 mins.

Add sugar, about 1 tablespoon at a time, beating after each addition until sugar is dissolved. While eggs and sugar are beating, prepare pans by greasing evenly ; and sift dry ingredients together 3 times, to aerate and mix the flours. When sugar is dissolved, sift the flours over the egg mixture, use a spatula to lightly fold the flours through**; heavy handling at this stage will give a flat, tough sponge.  Spread mixture evenly into pan, and bake *** 

*** Make sure you mix well (but not over mix) what I found amusing about this recipe was that the egg mixture was SO light, that the flour fell right through to the bottom! I thought I had finished mixing it in…and ran one final spatula turn from underneath the batter and all the flour came back up! Beware!
*** The recipe didn’t state a bake temp or time, so I just did 350 for about 30 min… but don’t take my word for it….bake with caution 😉

Then, for the mousse!
Strawberry Mousse:
300 g fresh strawberries
100 g water
160 g caster sugar
4 tsp powdered gelatin
400 g heavy whipping cream
XOXO said: (I personally used heavy whipping cream, the mousse came out stable)Wash and hull the strawberries and place in a sauce pan. Add the water, caster sugar, and gelatin and simmer until all the gelatin dissolves. Cool the mixture and blend the mixture in a blender or food processor until the mixture is pureed.  XOXO said: You can set aside, probably 1/2 cup of this mixture to use as gele for the top layer of the cake. 

 Beat the cream in a separate bowl until just thickened, not soft or stiff peaks! Be careful not to overbeat the cream which will result in a stiff mousse. Fold in the strawberry puree mixture and mix until well blended. **don’t make the mistake I did….make SURE the puree is cold cold before adding to cream, else it will start melting! 

Take the same springform pan you used to bake the cake (all clean by now) and grease the sides VERY lightly with any vegetable oil…im not sure its necessary…but when your winging it….you want to make sure your hard work doesn’t get stuck to the pan! Then align your freshly cut strawberries around the side like so: 

Then place one layer of cake, and cover it with a bit of mousse, making sure to fill it up tightly to the sides. Apply the second layer of sponge cake, and apply the rest of the mousse. Refrigerate and/or freeze until the mousse IS FIRM. RESIST the temptation…don’t be horrible like me and try to unwrap your baby before she’s ready 😉  

You can also dip some strawberries in chocolate for an added flair…
End of Quote

At this time, I like to thank Zahra of 

A slice of strawberry mousse cake


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