Last of the Sweet Strawberries

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The past 2 weeks, as I made my rounds at the grocery stores, checking out the strawberries, purchased some, tasted them, they were at their best. It is sweet and puts a smile on my son’s face. Usually, his face frowns a little when biting into a tart berry, but he will still consume them as they are his favorite. This sexy looking red berry season, I think is coming to a close. The grocery stores will either stop carrying them or the inventory they carry is limited and the berries are not plump, huge or fresh looking anymore. Lucky for me, I got a hold of 4 pounds of these berries, this time a mix in sizes – from small to large….sad to say no X-Large (in this situation, I am frowning). but they still look attractive and delicious. They are Driscoll’s (the brand), which are always sweet. I fulfilled 3 orders for school teachers as summer holidays are starting in 2 days. 

The last of the sweet berries

More sweet berries

This past season, I actually mastered the art of dipping strawberries, blackberries and cherries. These gems are wonderful with silky chocolate. Whatever, the color, a bite into it, brings a smile to one’s face. It is a happy thing. 

 Tips for dipping the perfect berry: 

 1. Use chocolate meant for dipping, Sephra fondue chocolate or Wilton milk chocolate  

 2. Invest in the electric Wilton chocolate melting pot, it melts the chocolate pieces easily, with no mess and most of all, consistency in the chocolate is maintained as you dip. 

 3. Master the dipping technique, make the V-neck on the berry, it makes the berry looks oh so sensous to bite in. 

 4. Use small sandwich bag to make the fine strands of chocolate across the dipped berries. The finer the strand of melted colored chocolate, the more refined the berry looked. Give a tiny snip at the end of the sandwich bag. 

Now that I sold chocolate dipped strawberries for Mother’s day. What to do for father’s day? Any suggestions out there?




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