I conquered the Macarons!

July 4, 2010 at 5:59 am Leave a comment

I have been reading alot on these French delights. Fear is the word when making them, many failed but succeeded after many trials. To those who are brave enough to attempt and document on their blogs, I appreciate and bow to your honesty and courage. I did alot of reading from these experience bloggers who made the MACARONS. Don’t confuse them with coconut macaroons. These are much better and heavenly, egg white & sugar beaten to a peak, folded in with sifted powdered sugar & almond flour. Piped into rounds and let stand for 30 minutes, bake them between 20-25 minutes for mine. I don’t know why mine took longer, maybe my oven settings.

The Queen of Macarons is thru this link, http://www.mytartelette.com/2009/10/recipes-macarons-it-takes-all-sorts-of.html. Her name is Helen, she is known for making the best macarons. The perfect macarons must have feet and flat. The thing about macarons, you can make so many endless combination with the fillings. I made mine chocolate macarons, they are crunchy when you bite into them and chewy inside.

Chocolate macarons


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OMG overload 2nd set of macarons

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