Spiderman 3D bust cake

September 2, 2010 at 2:25 pm Leave a comment

I started planning in my mind how to achieve a 3d Spidey bust cake based on this picture I retrieved from Flickr.com by Crafty Confections, http://www.flickr.com/photos/craftyconfections/2242102218/

She chose use fondant for covering the cake. I used Krispie Rice Cereal bars, I squished and press them onto the cake to shape the muscles and giving the torso, some human definiton. I carved of the edges and shaped them to look  sleek for Spiderman. As for cake coverage,  I went with buttercream frosting and then airbrush it with my new airbrush kit I bought on Ebay for $68 – Master Airbrush G22-23, double action trigger. The down side about this airbrush kit is it does not come with MANUAL or even online. I called the vendor and he suggested I check out www.howtoairbrush.com and also on youtube, there is a dude that demonstrate how to assemble/dissemble and clean the airbrush itself. I spent about 2 hours completing the airbrushing portion of the cake. It was fun when the kit worked. Word of caution, wear gloves when airbrushing, my hands and feet looked like the red version of oompa loompaa.

The airbrush kit had 2 instructions, one gives the specs of the airbrush and its components, the other features on a brief “how to care for the compressor”.

When airbrushing, go outside or be prepared for food color splatter and staining on your hands and feet (like me). Overall, I conquered this kit by myself without my husband’s assistance.

Wait till tomorrow to see the final reveal!


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Louis Vuitton cake bag Spidey – finally!

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