Spidey – finally!

September 4, 2010 at 2:25 am Leave a comment

I was struggling with the last phase of the torso cake, piping vs fondant.

Fondant rope extruded from the Makins Clay extruder was tedious, labor intensive and blisters all over my fingers. In addition, I had difficulty sticking the web pieces because they refuses to adhere to the buttercream unless moisture was applied and on top of that, gravity pulls!

I whipped out my Wilton string tip, again had a smaller tip that I prefer. Wish it was bigger! With a screaming sick baby in the background, this was not my night, I wanted to demolish the cake. My husband reminded me that the final outcome was pretty good since this is my 1st attempt.

Things I love about this cake:

1. I carved the torso to my expectations.

2. Learned to airbrush

3. Learned to carve a cake in human shape

What sucks…airbrushed cakes…hard to hide imperfections! Will I use my Master Airbrush G22 ever again, yes but only for final coverage of cake! Nothing else!


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Spiderman 3D bust cake Sugar Shack, Fresno

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