Will & Kate 2011

April 28, 2011 at 10:12 am Leave a comment

Tomorrow morning at 3am (CA time), Will and Kate will marry.  I am happy, yet a little sad, as I do miss Will’s mom, Princess Diana. July 29, 1981 ~ I was 12. I stayed up to watch the wedding on a color television which I had to give thanks to my father for which he tried hard to provide us a life of comfort and adequacy. Diana was breathtaking on her wedding day, it was then a fairy tale wedding which ended in divorce. It was not a match made in heaven. When Princess Diana passed on, my heart stopped ~ what will we do now? There is no representation of the people, someone we the Commoners can relate to.

Then came Kate, I have not followed up on her, but she has maintained a very low profile of herself when Will and her were in courtship. I hope for them ~ peace, love and happiness! In the midst of all the tragedies that are happening in the world, Middle East unrest, Japan’s earthquake, our midwest tornado stricken states, and anywhere else where hunger, sadness and devastation exist, stand strong as life will prevail, I hope.

Will and Kate, you bring a glimmer of hope for us all as we watch you marry tomorrow. I miss your mum terribly.


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