Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

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Ruth’s Chris, I had dinner at this fine dining establishment for my spouse’s Christmas company party. We had so much food and drinks flowing from 8 pm till 11.30 am. The appetizers, especially the crab cakes rocked! Generous lumps of crabs with no overpowering seasonings. I ordered a virgin pina colada, boy, I was off to a bad start. There was a strange after taste in that pina colada. Different places have different concoctions. It had something to do with the coconut in there. I ordered my entree – live lobster with roe & cleaned, cracked and served. I was waiting in anticipation. Kenny, one of our darling server, politely apologized, for the lobster for being male, it cracked me up!

I took my first bite at the claw meat, it was a little dry and tough, went in for the juicier part of the lobster, nice! I noticed a drastic temperature difference. My lobster was almost at room temperature. I spoke with the other head server which I will not put his name here, for 2 reasons, 1. If someone is not worthy of mention, don’t do it! 2. I don’t waste my time on bad servers with attitude!

He suggested to put it under the broiler for a few moments. I asked him won’t my protein go tough on me. His typical answer is oh no! Guess what it came back tough and chewy.

I had to send it back. The hostess came to apologize and removed the dish from the bill. She offered other suggestions but I was so looking to eat my lobster but my appetite was gone.

We then proceeded to desserts, i got to taste cheesecake, creme brulee, chocolate lava explosion and coffee. Again what is the deal with lukewarm coffee here! My husband loved the lava dessert and the creme brulee was good. The cheesecake is average.

Verdict: This is fine dining, a certain standard is expected for service, food quality and taste, food presentation and finally overall environment.

My personal experience of the place is 7/10, nice ambience and exciting!

Food quality and taste: 6/10 – blame it on the lobster debacle and pina colada strange after taste and I paid for it in the bathroom later in the night, must be the coco lopes in the pina colada.

Food presentation: average cos it is a steak house

Service: personally I was disturbed with what they did to the lobster, I think it sat on the counter till the other entrees were ready before they brought it out. Big mistake! Then reheating it, second big mistake! Any food and beverage individual should know understand that if someone ordered a market price live 3.5 pound of heavenly protein aka in this case my boy lobster, he deserves special attention and reheating seafood is a big no! Just get me another one done right!

Will I go back to this place? No. Reason for poor execution in food and that snooty head server of ours from my 2 encounters with him-during trips to the powder room, he should at least fake a smile at me, not just at my hubby’s boss!

Delightful when it arrived, cold to my lips, why or why!

Salty lobster tail and sure look rustic to me in terms of presentation!

Almost a hit, but no repeats!
Ruth’s Chris Fresno


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