Best and Worst of 2011

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I love food. I love eating out. This year was an exciting year in terms of baking for me, managed to learn different techniques of using fondant, cake stacking and most of all, cake decorating. I had the opportunity to make some lovely pieces which I adore. You can find them in my past postings.

This year, Facebook has exposed me to many talented cake decorators in the country, Malaysia and Australia. People like Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen, she is a stay at home mom, avid baker with a generous nature, she believes to share her skills so people like me who learns from the web can benefit, she is very creative and helpful. God bless her heart!

I am still a sucker for desserts of all kinds. I fell in love with the Chantilly cake (spongy cake with light whipped heavenly cream sandwiched between seasonal fresh fruits)  from Whole Foods this year at my niece’s graduation party at Walnut Creek, I bought a chocolate version of it, it was good but heavy, the vanilla version tasted better.

Then there are cupcakes and cake pops, I still believe that Cupcakes Bakery – Herndon and Cedar location, Fresno, is the best! You can taste fresh ingredients used, I love their carrot cupcake! I have yet to try their pineapple upside down cupcake. I have quit Sugar Shack-Sommerville & Perrin, Fresno. One day, the artificial taste in the buttercream and the cake itself, hit me like a bus. I was floored. Maybe my taste buds had heightened after watching so much reality food shows, I learned how to eat with sight, smell and taste. Sugar Shack’s cupcakes stand out in terms of presentation and the heavenly looking swirl of buttercream on a huge cupcake in a brown liner. Attractive! Not for me, taste wise – I still shiver with the intense artificial sugary taste in the swirls and the cake itself, nothing I can sing about. Then there is the Frosted Cakery at Tower District, I went once, loved the salted caramel cupcake, but I could not bring myself to go back for more, because that gummy taste of a chocolate cupcake which I can’t seem to shake off.

My other sugar fix is Starbucks, cranberry bliss bar, it is a good thing they bring it around Christmas season only, I had so many – I am about to shiver. Too much of a sweet thing is never good.

I am also a huge fan of seafood, I pass by Ruth Chris every morning I go to work. Finally, I had my eleborate dinner there for Christmas, big disappointment, snooty waiter, my 3.5 male live Maine lobster was left cold when served and re-heated that it became tough. My whole entree was ruined. Will never dine at that place again, if you pay me too!

Then I went to buy some steamers clam from Save Mart for Christmas, $3.99 per pound. Lesson learned, never buy any seafood from Save Mart again, get them at Whole Foods and Costco! How can you sell smelly clams esp. when they smell so bad when you are shoving them in the bag for me! Crappy clams!

Cake pops! Everyone is making them, even Starbucks and every cupcake joint! Starbucks cake pops – not good! Some looked pretty, taste is not there.  Guess what I make good tasty cake pops, I learned from several sources and combined them, out comes the tasty cake pop!

2011 has been good, hoping for a safer, better and happier 2012 for everyone, I always believe, what comes around goes around, help a fellow neighbor or a passer-by, put a smile on someone’s face but never at another person’s expense. Pay if forward.

Happy New Year!

The above is my personal opinion from my personal experiences. Freedom to speak my mind because I paid for all my purchases.


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