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I bought a deal from for Maddie Cakes Cupcake Bakery, a $20 worth of stuff for $10, which got me 7 cupcakes without any fillings.

One dozen for $33.
One regular cupcake without filling is $2.75

I am a supporter of local small businesses and I love baked goods. The shop is located in Pavilion West, clean and quaint little shop with tables and chairs for dining. Not far, there is Creme de la Cake, another cake/cupcake/bakery? What gives, 2 similar stores within walking distance?

I am not impressed with the big size cupcakes, too big and not in proportion with the buttercream frosting! $2.75 for a cupcake in Fresno? Their choices are generic, banana, carrot, chocolate ganache, marble, pink champagne with filling which costs $4 (if I heard her correctly)! I was trying hard to like the cupcakes, but Maddie did not do it for me!

Price: no way, I am paying a cupcake at $2.75 if you supersize it! Size of cupcake makes the frosting look so insignificant!
Taste: Moist, flavorful but it has that artificial taste of a store cake mix to it, I am referring to the chocolate and marble. But the carrot was good but the small dollop of cream cheese frosting turned me off.
Location: Good, within reaching distance from where I work.
Experience at store: no free samples, display of cupcakes not impressive, price point threw me off! Cupcakes looked homemade! They used cheap cupcake liners, no cupcake inserts for easy transport. Not very friendly staff.
Presentation of package: cutting costs from their end, home made labels, no cupcake inserts!

2063 W Bullard, Fresno


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